“My biggest gain was my emotional growth and knowing that I am in control of my life, and that my results depend on my actions”
— Sebastian- leadership workshop graduate (translated from Spanish)

Our Focus

We fundraise in NYC to pay for the costs of bringing existing workshops in Cali directly to Puerto Mallarino, at no cost to the community. 


Leadership Programs

The leadership program is taught by Carlos Moya (Professor at the University of Cali) who bases his teachings off of neurolinguistic programming, which relates personal thoughts and experiences to life patterns and actions. The goal for each individual is to understand where patterns come from and replace old strategies with more powerful productive ones. The result for individuals is self-knowledge, better self-esteem and a higher drive for taking on bigger leadership roles in their personal lives and in their communities.

Logistical time frame: 16 professional development sessions, twice per week over 8 weeks

Topics covered:

  • Abundance Mindset
  • Communication 
  • Community Engagement
  • Winning Formulas (Paradigm Shifting)
  • Team Exercises
  • Simulations
  • One-on-One Coaching

To date, Project InReach has graduated 75 students from this workshop (2 adult cohorts and 1 teenage cohort). The first cohort of Puerto Mallarino community members created their own community organization known as Yosotros. Project InReach works closely with Yosotros to continue to offer these leadership workshops.

A 4th cohort is currently set to graduate in April of 2018.


Small Business Training


The concept of business training became a topic which members of Yosotros showed much interest in. Project InReach engaged John Freddy Benavides Silva (Instituto NPH) to execute an introductory business training workshop. These business workshops as a whole focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity, through the building of neurolinguistic programming habits.  Emotional intelligence will play a role, to allow participants to develop social skills, tolerance to failure, and perseverance.

The introductory workshop was held on March 5, 11, and 12 of 2017. Topics covered:

  • Creating a vision for success.
  • Creating a  goal-achieving frame of thought
  • Exercising empowerment over money
  • Developing a strategic mindset
  • Fostering creativity
  • Fostering innovation and new ideas

business bootcamp

A second business development workshop was sponsored by Project InReach in January of 2018 and also led by John Freddy Benavides Silva. This weekend business "bootcamp" begins with a review of topics from the first workshop and an introduction of new topics including:

  • Developing a business model
  • Strategic planning
  • Market research and analysis
  • Team building
  • Finances


For the graduates of the above workshop, an advanced business workshop is set to take place in 2018 which will assist community members with the actions needed to set up their own small businesses.